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Conditions for renting cars and buses

1.PREVISION OF THE CONTRACT - with the present contract The Lessor rents a car to the Lessee under the following conditions:


2. AUTHORIZATION AND TRANSFER OF THE VEHICLE: - The vehicle is given to the Lessee with a delivery report in good technical condition and good appearance, as well as with the mandatory equipment required by the Traffic Police authorities. The Lessee undertakes to return the vehicle with all Documents transmitted to him within the agreed time and place and in the same condition. - the delay of the return of the vehicle is paid by the Lessee at the tariffs specified in the price list. - failure to comply with the obligation to return the rented vehicle to the Lessee for more than six hours from the date of expiration of the agreed period without notifying the Lessor is considered as embezzlement under Art. 206CN and the Lessor informs the competent authorities and the insurance company by announcing the vehicle For a nationwide search and retains all rights under this contract.


3. LOST AND LOST BENEFITS: - damages caused by the Lessee as a result of unauthorized use of the vehicle (use of alcohol, drugs, etc.) are entirely at the expense of the Lessee. - damages caused by the Lessee, for which he does not present a report from the Traffic Police, shall be borne entirely by the Lessee. - liability in respect of third party damage, if it is guiltily caused by the Lessee, is borne by him and he owes the amount paid by the insurance organization to the insurance organization within the total limitation period. - in case of damages caused by the Lessee's fault, whose removal necessitates the stay of the vehicle in service, the Lessor has the right to require payment up to 50% of the rental price of the vehicle for the duration of the stay as a missed benefit. - THE CAR HAS MARKED RIBBONS, AGGREGATES AND DETAILS AND WHEN ESTABLISHING A CHANGE, THE DEPOSIT IS NOT RETURNED AND THE CLIENT SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLE 20KN AND LZD - in the case of damage, loss, theft or destruction of the coupon or the vehicle number the Lessee pays a penalty in the amount Of the rental price of the vehicle for a period of two days. - in case of damage, loss, theft or destruction of a key, the Lessee owes its equivalent.


4.DATES AND DEPOSIT: - the rental price of the car is determined on the basis of the price list with which the Renter is aware in advance. The deposit is a guarantee for the good use of the vehicle and can not be used for payment upon extension of the contract. When missing or damaged, their value is deducted from the deposit. - the deposit is released after returning the vehicle. The amount of the deposit is set in the price list. - in case of damages for which the Lessee presents a report from the Traffic Police, the deposit shall be withheld until the insurer has paid the damages and their full compensation. - the deposit is withdrawn when the vehicle is stolen, subject to the rental contract.


5. LESSOR'S LIABILITY: The Lessor is not responsible for damages caused to the Lessee or third parties as a result of the technical failure of the provided vehicle resulting from misuse by the Lessee. The Lessor undertakes within 48 hours to replace the rented vehicle in the event of an accident (damage) that has occurred not due to the fault of the Lessee.


6. LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE LESSEE: - The Lessee is obliged to use the vehicle as intended and to manage it with the care of a good owner; To keep the documents of the car, coupon and keys, not allowing them to remain in the vehicle while they are staying (otherwise it is accountable under the CC); In the event of an accident, damage or damage, take all necessary measures to save the hired vehicle, reduce and reduce the damages on it; In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle (with the exception of minor incidents), to comply with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration, the drafting of a protocol by the Traffic Police and the provision of other necessary documents. The Lessee shall immediately notify the Lessor (at the earliest opportunity or within six hours of the occurrence of the damage), also communicating all the facts, circumstances and data (witness names, etc.) in connection with it, as well as fully cooperating with the Lessor And the insurance company to clarify the incident and the damage suffered. - The Renter has no right to use the vehicle for towing other vehicles or trailers, as well as to participate in competitions, trainings, drills, trials; To carry bulk, bulk and others. Loads; To drive the car in a drunk state or after using drugs or drug-taking drugs; To transfer the vehicle to third parties; To use it for cross-border trips without the express consent of the Lessor. - The Renter must have a regular driving license with a length of service of more than 3 years. - The Renter agrees that his personal data used in the contract will be used to search for criminal and civil liability in the cases provided for by law.


7. CONCLUDING PROVISIONS: - All amendments to the contract as well as all documents reflecting performance

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