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Виж свободни автомобили и цени
Виж свободни автомобили и цени

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Ford Transit Tourneo Bus-2014

Ford Transit Tourneo Bus-2014 Наеми за: € 0,00 / ден This bus is technically upright and in excellent condition.…

Rent for: € 70,00 / day

About us

For more than 10 years our priority is to provide our clients with comfort in their travel or rest.

The company "Rentit" Ltd. was founded in 2002, since 2005. Also operates in Bulgaria. We offer rental cars fully tailored to your requirements and preferences. We have petrol-powered cars with diesel. With manual or automatic gearbox. With compact small cars, comfortable for busy city driving and those that are perfect for family travel and lots of luggage. We already have buses. We do not set mileage limits and accept all payment methods. Our aspirations are correctness, quality and satisfied customers. We offer you extremely affordable rates and a wide range of cars so that you can easily and pleasure to take advantage of our services.

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Address: бул. “черни връх 47. Сивен сграда. ет.4 (карта) phone: 00359 877 190659, 00359 876 96 0007 e-mail: , website:

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